les mis engineering school au

because why not

  • enjolras would dual major in math and physics
  • joly would be biomedical engineering, but planning to become a doctor
  • courfeyrac would be mechanical engineering
  • combeferre would be environmental engineering
  • feuilly would be aeronautical engineering
  • grantaire would be architecture but no one would know that he’s an archie because they see him outside of the studio
  • jehan would be comp sci 
  • bahorel would be a business major who goes to the school b/c sports scholarship
  • lesgle would be that one person who switched their major six times and is now on their sixth year. nuclear engineering is what he is going to graduate with a degree in
  • eponine would not be going to the university but a nearby highschool
  • cosette would go to school for biology
  • marius would be civil engineering

and the adults

  • valjean would be a non traditional age student, getting his masters in mechanical engineering
  • javert would teach upper level mathematics
  • fantine would be one of the school’s counselors

holla no this is really silly