longleggedfly replied to your post: a huge part of the reason I hate living with my…

how so?

it’s just that there’s so much neuroticism focused on it

like, people buy #food and leave it to rot because we’re not allowed to eat it, but then once it starts to rot we scramble to eat it, and we can’t waste it or we get screamed at, so we cook/eat all this moldy/rotten/otherwise disgusting food

and for another we aren’t allowed to snack on things, so people do sneak around and snack on them anyway

and we either don’t buy enough to feed six people so I have to ration out something that serves two into six portions or there’s way too much so we eat something meant to be like 10 servings 

and also my mother is the food police and is always monitoring what everyone is eating even/especially when we go out to eat and we go out to eat way too much but at the same time it prevents a lot of the home food drama

and also there’s the whole fucking celiac thing so my mother buys treats for all the people who are mandatory gluten free and she refuses to let the other half of the family eat them because ‘they’re expensive and you can eat oreos/insert whatever gluten food you want here’ except she never fucking buys any so there’s that

and then whenever we have something like a little tub of chicken salad or something, it’s like xeno’s paradox the way it gets eaten because no one ever wants to eat the last thing, but everyone wants to have a lot, so someone eats half the fucking container, then someone else eats ¼, and someone eats 1/8 etc. it’s annoying and rude and so we get this nasty dry chicken salad sitting around and ew

and there’s so much more and I just feel myself doing all this shit even when I’m not around my family and we’re all such pigs and I hate everything about everything