themerrygentleman replied to your post: my mother needs to get off he…

…linguistic high horse? What precisely does that entail?

ugh it’s just she’s constantly correcting the way other people talk- if there’s even a hint of an “accent” she will call it out (everybody has an accent jesus christ)

like today she corrected my sister several times- Felicity says “for” as “fer” and “to” as “teh” which is f i n e. she’s an eleven year old and she’s 100% understandable 

she will also yell at you if you insert pauses into your speech like “like” and if you say “um” or “uh” too much she’ll get pissed

and if you say anything even Resembling a swear word or “TAKING THE NAME OF THE LORD IN VAIN” (for example “jeeze”, “gosh”, “frick”) she will flip shit

she wants everyone to pronounce words in this hoitey-toitey upperclass way (which sounds stupid as fuck because no one talks like that) for example she says “mature” as “ma tUUUUre” (like, imagine saying “tour” in your most snobby upperclass voice and sticking it into “mature”) instead of saying “matcher” like everybody else

god it’s just really gross and snobby

she also teaches volunteer speaking classes in a prison and I’m sure she does this on a professional basis to all the poor inmates christ I feel bad for them