I dislike him already.



calm the fuck down. You have to take into consideration that he was a Catholic Cardinal- very few people of that ranking are going to be okay with Gay marriage as Catholicism as a whole is very against Gay Marriage. Of course they are going to make sure the person who is elected the leader of their faith is very against Gay Marriage. Does this surprise you? If so, why exactly? It’s not like this is new information. 

This man does not affect you or what you believe in. He is a leader of a faith that is and has been for a centuries years against Homosexuality. 

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with him and his statements. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good man. He just has different beliefs and was raised and taught to believe these things. His beliefs do not directly affect you.

In all views, he is quite a good man. Tradition says the Pope makes his first appearance dressed fully in the red regalia- however, this man, very humbly, chose to come out dressed all in white. He also chose the name Francis I after Saint Francis of Assisi, who was a Saint known for being very humble and having humble beginnings. Cardinal Bergoglio stated that he chose this name because of Saint Francis’ love of the poor.

Not to mention Pope Francis I is officially the first Non-European pope in over thousand years (the last Non-European Pope being Pope Gelasius of Africa from 490-496). This shows that the Catholic faith may be at a turning point of more acceptance than ever before and maybe one day, far into the future, there may be a Pope who accepts Homosexuality.

Please resist the urge to call someone an asshole because they don’t have exactly the same beliefs as you on a subject matter. That doesn’t mean they are inherently a bad person. Of course the Pope is going to be against homosexuality.

Does this affect you? No, probably not. It’s not as if he’s in charge of what you believe in and if you are Catholic it’s not as if you aren’t entitled to your own opinions or that you have to stay Catholic.

well I can’t say I’m either surprised or disappointed  it’s completely expected, and i don’t think that really anyone expected the church to suddenly become a bastion of liberal thought. of course not.

unfortunately, however, what the pope says /does/ affect me. a lot. a lot more than I would ever want him to. I was raised in a deeply Roman Catholic family. I have since become an atheist, however, I am still ‘in the closet’ about this (and many, many other things, including my sexuality) to my family. So, I do have to put up with a lot of the standard Roman Catholic bullshit, My mother firmly believes that the pope is the spokesperson of God, and thus believes firmly in what the pope says. so there’s that.  what he says does affect me, and hurt me, just as it hurts the many, many other people in my or similar situations.

people are neither wholly good nor wholly bad, but this pope does happen to have an appalling record 🙂

also he may be non european but his parents are both italian. :))))

so yes. this does affect me. it affects a lot of people. and I don’t give a flying fuck how ‘humble’ he is, I care about the fact that he has a following of about a billion people who believe what he says about people like me, that is, that I am a work of Satan.

thanks, no thanks, I’m going to call him an asshole if I want to, and I’m going to continue to call out the catholic church’s bullshit for as long as I live

((also, just because something does not //////directly////// affect me doesn’t mean that I don’t get to be mad about it and speak out against it)