ugh the #fire scene in the beginning of #hannibal is. not very realistic. in fact I doubt it’s possible at all.

I mean a spark from the static electricity in your hair is minute and would not ignite even a pure oxygen environment

and you can’t /survive/ for very long in a pure oxygen environment- that container was full of other gasses too (most likely nitrogen) which are non flammable

in every enhanced oxygen environment there are /huge/ safety precautions in place- fire extinguishers, escape hatches (no matter how under surveillance she was she /should/ have been able to get out of that pod in case of emergency, the hospital is 100% wrong if they thought locking her in there was a good idea, there should def. have been some extreme ventilation going on)

and I mean sure most of those things could have/would have been bypassed

but lbr the spark from brushing your hair would not do it- not even if there was some sort of especially sparky thing going on with the comb

and also: christ it would have been much easier to suffocate or over oxygenate her if you were going to go to all the trouble of disabling the safety features that I’m sure were there 


very unrealistic