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Being Bitter About Catholicism is such a way of life. We should have t-shirts. Weekly meetings with cookies. Giant angry dance parties. (I am also having a Particularly Vindictive day.)

sounds good to me

(and I feel so so sorry for you that awful catholics are reblogging your post. yikes)



I need everyone to understand that I was looking at classes to take next year to fulfill my art requirement and there is a special topic class where they are literally making a giant wheel of cheese to recreate one given to thomas jefferson and it says in the course description “ Instead, we will work together to make a giant cheese and attempt to gift it into the political realm” and it meets for 4 and a half fucking hours of making  cheese and somehow making that a political statement about big business and it sounds UNREAL but i can’t take it because it requires a prerequisite like WHY

my questions is what the fuck kind of prerequisite is required to make a giant wheel of cheese