For those who think the government shutdown affects just a few people, U.S. Uncut provides evidence to the contrary. This is happening in all 50 states. Some states have enough to last through the month. And some states have nothing with which to fund these programs. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, new vouchers (worth an average of $55 a month) were not issued, and the agency has funds to operate for just ten days

From The Gazette:

The WIC program appears to be taking the brunt of the shutdown, at least for now, and for people such as Sarah Regan, 33, of Cedar Rapids, it means finding an alternative or going without.

Regan, who just delivered her baby Kendyl two weeks ago, is on unpaid maternity leave, and has been counting on WIC for core items like milk, bread, eggs and cheese through her pregnancy. When she showed up at the office for her appointment on Tuesday, she was surprised the government shutdown cost her her WIC payment.

“I knew there was a shutdown, but I did not realize it would affect everyone on a personal level,” Regan said. “We will just have to find another way to supplement our food, or just have to go without until it comes through. There’s no fall back. It’s just wait and see when this ends.”

And to think, according to a GOP congressman at a fundraiser, this was all to appease the Tea Party. Yet another case of kicking the poor to thrill the rich.

I heard some talking head today say the government shutdown amounts to “an inconvenience” and I really can’t shake from my head how blatantly ignorant of people’s lives that really is.

Don’t forget that the people who administer vital programs like WIC are often recipients of federal aid themselves because they are paid so poorly to begin with

But also a few states – such as Connecticut – are still able to operate their WIC offices, but they’re running on empty. The longer this goes the more people will get hurt.