Recently listed on Premium Bandai’s homepage, there will be brand new Sailor Moon SuperS Brooch Design rings available for pre-order, to be delivered in October. 

For the Sailor Moon SuperS Brooch Design rings, you can choose between 18 Karat Gold coating or Sterling Silver bands, which feature an accented 5 millimeter Swarovski Crystal center gem. 

These Sailor Moon SuperS Brooch Design rings are retailing at 15,750 yen, which is approximately $167 USD

They will be going on pre-sale at a date yet to be determined, but it looks like the pre-order event will be happening between the hours of 4:30 AM ~ 5:30 AM the next day. So everyone will have a full 24 hours to buy the Sailor Moon SuperS Brooch Design rings, and the items are “manufactured to order”. 

It will be available in the following women’s sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

These are intended for ages 15+, which is likely why they are so expensive.

I am sure we will be hearing more about this item over the next few weeks, so please keep an eye on our official English translation stream of Osano Fumio’s twitter account here: OsabuP_English to stay up to date with all the latest in Sailor Moon 20th anniversary merchandise news! 

Edit: Here’s a universal ring size chart in case you plan on buying!


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Karachi | Pakistan’s first-ever Men’s Fashion Week

In Pakistani society in their everyday life, most men wear shalwar kamiz – a combination of long shirts and loose trousers. For the first time, Pakistan has dedicated a parade to the men’s fashion. Karachi Fashion Week 2013 tried to buck that trend with two days of shows dedicated exclusively to men’s fashion through the couture of 10 emerging male designers.

The event was opened by Pakistani design talent Yahseer’s collection titled Celebration. Keeping the scorching summers in mind, the line’s multi-hued eastern cut ensembles featured printed double-breast jackets, long and tail coats as well as hats.

Fashion label Daniyal, by the Asian Institute of Fashion Design (AIFD) alumnus Waleed Bilwani, showcased a line made of thickly woven cotton at the event. Based on various shades of orange, the range included both eastern and western casual and formal wear.

Drawing inspiration from the design sensibilities of Persian western border and northern India, Shahnameh brand presented black and white angrakha-cut sherwanis and richly embroidered long shirts.

Faisal and Shaban Shab’s Couture featured more costume like pieces at the event. Infused with vertical beige panelling and metal studs, the dramatic collection included cape coats and stylish sheer black tops.

In the aisle of the Fashion Week Karachi shined the proposals of prominent designers that showed the gold and the black, in addition to colorful belts, collars, and transparencies.

The baroque and the traditional merged from the Karachi and Lahore Men’s couture collections. From sporty-looking formals and casuals in both eastern and western wear to chic denim jeans with various treatments, Pakistan celebrated Le Mâle

Here. Have some Pakistani eye candy.





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