so for my rhetoric and writing class I get to redraw a section of Maus with human figures, which is interesting and i"m predictably not doing the most fantastic job but I’m (as always) TOO EXCITED to draw comics and I should go to bed but

also my friend painted my nails 🙂

the result of a night’s work

I’ve got a bit more to do, but this is enough to show at crit tomorrow so I’m pretty happy

thanks to everybody who watched my stream! maybe I’ll do it again sometime (esp. if I can get livestream to work rather than ustream)

also I’m almost finally done with this silly thing

there are a lot of mistakes but no one but me can see them apparently????

anyway this is for advanced drawing and the project was to copy somebody else’s work exactly (I picked Felix Vollotton’s The Lookout)

and it’s not exact at all but w/e

it was fun to make anyway