what is the queerest looking haircut you think that a couple of my friends with minimal haircutting ability could give me

and I mean queer as in Extremely Not Straight.

I won’t be seeing my parents until thanksgiving so this is a pretty good opportunity.

my computer crashed and took something I was working on with it

it took about 20 minutes to boot my computer and I think that’s a problem. good thing I’m a patient person.

I saw #Gravity. it was a good movie I guess but it had some glaring issues. like the fact that it was impossible. it was also pretty upsetting on several levels.

I have a pounding headache and feel nauseous and completely exhausted and I think I’m getting ill.

my family is here. they still want to go to church with me tomorrow. maybe will be too sick to get out of bed. 

I have a lot of homework to do and I feel like death.

I wonder what my friends are up to. hope they’re having a better time of it than I am.