Redshirt Deaths X

1.Crewman Mathews, 2. Crewman Rayburn, 3.Ensign O’Herlihy, 4.Unknown Crewman, 5.Lieutenant Grant, 6.Unknown Crewman, 7.Lieutenant Carlisle and Unknown Crewman, 8.Crewman Hendorff, 9.Lieutenant Kaplan, 10.Lieutenant Mallory, 11.Lieutenant Marple, 12.Lieutenant Leslie and Unknown Crewman,13. Ensign Rizzo, 14.Unknown Crewman, 15.Crewman Leslie Thompson, 16.Crewman Harper, 17.Lieutenant Galloway, 18.Crewman Watson, 19.Unknown Crewmen, 20.Crewman Compton, 21.Ensign Wyatt

A tribute to the red shirts we’ve lost.