it’s too quiet | a playlist of unnerving instrumentals

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requested by alittlethor

i. Naval // Yann Tiersen ii. Cage of Solitude // Midnight Syndicate iii. Tapestry of Decay // Nox Arcana iv. Petiatil Cx Htdui // Aphex Twin v. Rain // Marco Beltrami vi. What Do The Skies See? // Dario Marianelli vii. The Double // Clint Mansell viii. Forest Lullaby // Nox Arcana ix. The Eye Main Titles // Marco Beltrami x. Kesson Daslef // Aphex Twin xi. Dust to Dust // Chromatics xii. Illusion Confusion // Brian Tyler xiii. Swan Lake (Theme) // Tchaikovsky xiv. Courting the Night // Daniel Licht xv. Grisly Reminder // Midnight Syndicate xvi. The Tale of the Three Brothers // Alexandre Desplat