Bromine and Sarin

Bromine: What was your favorite food when you were a child?

hmmm I don’t know? I mean let’s be real my young self would have said chocolate, but so would my self now. if we’re talking about foods that I only liked as a child- or only ate as a child- I’d say either spinach cheese dip or crab rangoons/american chinese food in general because I loved those to death and I don’t ever get to eat them anymore 

Sarin: What annoys you the most?

so many things annoy me that it would be impossible to list them all in any cohesive manner, as it would be impossible to pick the /top/ annoyance

but like the top three are

  • bad science
  • weird mouth noises
  • awful textures (like the texture of courderoy and velvet and the ceiling of my house and certain types of paper and popsicle sticks and the list goes on and on)
  • go d I’m so weird