commission info to not make the original post gigantic

I AM NOT willing to draw the following

  • porn
  • genitals (nudity is ok but things will be posed in a certain way u get me?)
  • four legged creatures
  • extreme gore (I’m ok with blood and such but nothing super duper duper extreme ok. like. general rule of thumb is if I would have to reference a medical anatomy text to figure out how to draw the Thing then I am not willing to draw it)

and now for what everyone really wants to know


pricing will be decided on a case by case basis, however, here are some general guidelines

  • digital paintings will cost around $15-20 USD per subject
  • digital sketches will be like $5
  • ink drawings will be like $4
  • adding color to said drawing will bump the price up to $7
  • pencil sketches are $2
  • for acrylic paintings the price will depend on the size of the canvas. larger paintings (16"x20") will be $45+. smaller ones (5"x6") will be around $15
  • watercolor paintings are around $10
  • backgrounds, in whatever media you choose, will cost more
  • all mailing costs are paid by you (keep in mind that I will be mailing from RI, USA)
  • payments will be made through paypal upon completion of the drawing
  • (however, if you are in a tough spot financially, I am willing to let you spread out any payment over a period of time, just talk to me about it)