[image description: a photo of two Black men of color standing next to a wall that is full of graffiti. they are in mid conversation with an onlooker who is not captured in the photo. one of the men is closer to the wall and is holding a piece of cardboard over Banksy’s stencil in east new york.]

these men are now charging people to look at banksy’s latest stencil

A group of men has begun charging $5 apiece for photos of the new Banksy piecein East New York today, according to the Instagram accountstreetartjamz. This development is the most compelling thing about Banksy’s latest work, which before had just been a stencil painting of a beaver gnawing on a felled parking sign.

These men, heroes that they are, have elevated the original work, turning it into a performance piece about the commodification and hipster-fication of people’s homes. If you’re going to treat a neighborhood like an art museum, why shouldn’t the residents of that neighborhood charge admission like an art museum, particularly when many New Yorkers would never come to that patch of the city but to take a picture of a stencil painting of a beaver?

there’s a video at the link.

smart as fuck tbh and yea, yes, and yea. all for it. *smh*

good for these dudes