dannie I’m painting a picture 4 u 

so you can hang it in your dorm when you go off to NYU 

(it’s sorta an apology present fore forgetting to write you a letter when I promised to do so)


it’s les hips grantaire and he was sorta meant to be Bacco but I sorta failed

and it’s not done but I didn’t want to keep it a secret so I’m Telling You About It

oh my god you forgoet to write me a stupid letter so yOU JUST DECID E ED TO MAKE A PA INT ING FO RME?????????? I M LAU GINH NG IM GOIN GOT PASS OUT IS THAT WONDERBE READ  O HMY GO D NAT????????????????????????? N A T///////////////

haha yes he can have glasses (how ridiculous do you want them to be)

yes that is wonderbread