I think I might have Good Decision Making Skills

compared to nobody I guess but I think I do really

I mean I hardly ever, if at all, regret decisions I make- things /usually/ turn out in my favor, and if they don’t sure I’m upset at the end result possibly, but I know that if somehow repeated the situation again with no new knowledge, I would make exactly the same decision

I mean I always consider everything pretty thoroughly- not to say I take a long time to think things through necessarily, I can make decisions in as little time as they need to be made in, but I do what I can to examine the situation and come to a conclusion that I think will be the best for everyone involved

of course, I’ve noticed that this does have its downfalls- in situations where things are inconsequential I have to rely on things other than what I can really predict. mainly this comes into play when I am trying to order things in a restaurant. since there’s nothing really at stake and I would be happy with anything I chose from my narrow list I’m prone to dithering about it. which is annoying. and far too often causes me to order the exact same thing every time I go to a restaurant. which is fine but a little boring. so I have to make an effort to branch out. which is why I’m more likely to try a new dish at a new restaurant rather than a new dish at an old restaurant

what am I even saying

well anyway

I do think that most of my decisions are good ones. and as much as I’d like to try my life again- I am pretty sure it would be the exact fucking same unless I had some new knowledge (or other initial conditions were changed)

(initial conditions are everything)