BeeLine Reader

This extension really does seem to help with reading long pieces of text on a laptop or mobile device screen; apparently I read 27% faster with it! It’s a pretty interesting, yet simple, concept. Give it a try, might help ya.

Get it here

this could have made research projects so much easier. I could never get through online articles.

do you realize how much more i would be inclined to read and study a textbook if they were printed like this?

holy shit I would actually be able to read again

hi my eyes naturally cross and because of the eye training I received in elementary school, it is literally impossible for me to learn to speed-read. So I’m a slow-ass reader

this looks fucking awesome 

This looks fantastic the only problem I have with is the color red is hard for me to read. I don’t know why, but bright red seems to vibrate when I try and read it.