So this piece of shit had the guts to get on camera, and tell women that they shouldn’t cosplay character unless they fit their proper body type. Of course, now he’s claiming it was all a “Joke”. Excusing what was said as a joke when people call your shit out is unacceptable. At least be willing to accept when you’re wrong. you’re putting all women down for their bodies, and you have 700,000 people who watch you on YouTube. Do you have any idea how that can affect young girls self-esteem when they watch your pathetic excuse for a joke actually take effect in their own lives!? Fuck people like you. People like you shouldn’t be allowed to attend cons or comic book conventions.

Yeeeah… Just unfollowed Nerimon…. ngl this is not funny and he can go ahead and say it’s a joke, but… I don’t care for his take in jokes.