There we are.

If you’re on Facebook, you’re in there. At the Faces of Facebook page, every Facebook profile picture and it’s accompanying name have been assembled into a single, massive mosaic. All 1,278,842,363 of them.

Head on over to tour around the interactive version. There’s an option to connect your Facebook account if you’d like to find yourself. 

I wonder how long you’d have to randomly zoom down before you found someone you recognize? Get back to me on that one.

Incidentally, you’d think each pixel in that image represents one person, right? Unfortunately, it’s only 1400 x 900 resolution, so that means that there’s 9,868 of us crammed onto each digital island.

If you’re into visualizations like this, then you’ll want to check out this pixel mosaic of the first 4,000,000 digits of pi.