On any given day, the average American teenager spends more than 7.5 hours online and uses his or her cellphone 60 times. While these numbers strike fear in the hearts of parents and crotchety novelists lamenting the loss of a more meaningful existence, there are some real benefits to a technology-saturated life: Young people spend far more time consuming new information, honing verbal concision, and interacting with a diverse audience than they have at any point in history.

Does social media make us smarter? | The Week  (via unionmetrics)

Today in “What the actual users of this technology have been trying to tell you fucking luddites for YEARS now but hey glad you finally are considering putting the official seal of approval on what we already knew to be true thanks bunches”


communicating with people makes you better at communicating? and hones the skills you use to communicate??? who would have guessed it.

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