It has been frustrating for furloughed NASA employees to not be able to work on their projects at all. Even if they aren’t getting paid many employees have expressed they would gladly work on it at home. In light of this NASA employees take a humble route by organizing a beach clean up. 30 employees from the Kennedy Space Center went to Cocoa beach to help remove cigarette buds, trash, and anything that is making it filthy.  

“We definitely want give back and we want to get back to work. We’re coworkers, and this is not sponsored by NASA. This is an informal gathering of colleagues and friends doing something positive for the community,” said NASA employee Margaret Truitt. The wait is still on and it could still be awhile until the shutdown is over. 

Seeing employees like these really tells you a lot about NASA and their culture. It’s the difference of going to work for the paycheque and going to work because you are excited to make a difference. 

Let’s take action today and help NASA get back to work.

via pennyfournasa