She’s perfect.

what in the white devil hell

i fucking hate marina and the diamonds because she’s emblematic of all white women—particularly those celebrated as feminist or pro-woman—taking the nearest opportunity to shit on WoC and black entertainers, musicians and women in general

i’ll tell you one thing. nicki minaj has gotten more shit from white women and men alike than matd ever will. if you stan the fuck outta marina and celebrate her as pro-(white) woman without recognizing her unnecessary and unoriginal shit against nicki—who has in several instances spoken about being a woman, how she’s perceived as such, how it fucks with her, and is ultimately proud of who she is and her accomplishments—then you can get the fuck outta here w/yr white feminism and lazy, subtly racially misogynistic media analysis kthxbai

she fucking signed her own tweet about how much she hates nicki minaj 

down with this dumbass woman