‘SJWs are the absolute worst!’

yeah, no, not the hordes of openly and unashamedly racist bloggers on here, not the ‘serial killer fandom’ bloggers, not the legions of pro-and-actual-nazi bloggers rubbing their dicks over the memory of hitler not those blogs they aren’t the worst we can offer, it’s the people who get maybe a bit overzealous about having the basic rights and humanity of all people recognized clearly those people are the real monsters on this website


I mean, okay. Some people do use social justice as a way to bully people. Some people care less about the issues at hand and more about feeling superior. 

They are not the majority.

They are not worse than systemic bigotry and the people who perpetrate it.

And if someone being an asshole on the internet is enough to make you stop caring about bigotry, then you have a problem and it’s not social justice warriors.