A short documentary on “love-shy” men. Love-Shy men believe they are afflicted with a condition that prevents them from interacting with women. They ultimately fail to have relationships with women, and often die virgins. “Involuntary Celibates” are men who approach women all the time, but are always rejected. These men congregate on an online forum called In the film, they meet up “IRL” – in real life along with the female filmmaker and “pretty boy” sound guy.

  • “I’ve been rejected by over 1000 women in real life, 2000 online and I aim for the ugliest, most obese women I can find and I still can’t get anyone”
  • >that “pickup artist” implying he can get women, god he’s a fuckwit
  • All of those terrible excuses like “I don’t like getting with random women I meet at clubs”, “I could have but I didn’t”
  • “women have it easy”
  • that major burn when the neckbeard collective call the “pretty boy” sound guy(who actually gets women) out for having “feminist views” and he replies with “Yeah I agree that women are people” and the butthurt that follows

And that’s only the first half I’m going to explode I hate these kinds of people

Jesus Christ is this a joke

Oh. My. God.  The amount of entitled misogynistic whinging in this video…  I had to turn it off after less than ten minutes.  This is pretty much Nice Guys ™ in a nutshell. 

ew ew ew

also if you’re going to watch the video just warning you that there are some racial and gendered slurs in there