I always wanted to make a list of all of the RPG Maker horror games, especially since Ib is my top favorite and it’d be awesome if more people tried out these games.

Ib – link
The Witch’s House – link
Mad Father – link
Misao – link
The Crooked Man – link
Paranoiac – link
Re:Kinder – link
Mermaid Swamp – link
Hello? Hell…o? – link
Clock of Atonement – link
The Mirror Lied – link
Ao Oni – link
Corpse Party – link
To the Moon – link
Schuld – link
Desert Nightmare – link
OFF – link
Divinity Fatum – link
Yume Nikki – link

Lets have a very spoopy RPG October! I know I will *3*

I have played or seen every single one of these games and I can vouch for how fantastic they are! Play them, it’s one of the best decisions you can make.

Divinity Fatum also just got an update recently.