If you want to help us, please don’t come to the World Cup, or the Olympics.

Let’s also not forget the World Youth Day, a weekend-ish event held at the end of this July in Rio de Juneiro for high school and college Catholics all over the world. Many people might not think that that is a big deal but it really is. Do you understand just of many Catholics there are in the world? And that more than half of all of the world’s Catholics live in South America, where this event is being held, meaning there will most likely be more people going this year than last time, by far.

Oh, and of course, the annual Carnival. Which is always a big event.

Brazil is getting swamped.


I’m Brazilian and all what this girls said is true. I HATE the world cup. I think it sucks that it’s being held here next year. And ugh, this video is perfect!!