ugh I need to improve my art

no but I really do b/c I want to be good at art heLP like it’s my #1 favorite thing to do holla but lbr here I kinda suck

I thought I was doing pre good during graphic storytelling this past semester, but that was IDK. it was good but it was one specific thing- and I def. worked on the /storytelling/ aspect of it more than working on improving my art.

it also helped that graphic storytelling involved v. specific assignments on v. specific deadlines. but let’s be honest that’s the type of environment I work best in??? ugh which sucks b/c I want to be self motivated etc but wow I kinda suck at that

so anyway there are a couple of things that I need to work on MOST

  • getting portraits to look like the people they’re pictures of
  • expressions
  • digital lineart???? (do I even want to develop a digital lineart style? the answer is yes and I have been trying to do it for years and years but I suck majorly at it and it always looks super shitty no matter what I do h e l p)
  • digital stuff in general

stuff I need to work on but not as urgently

  • anatomy
  • composition
  • life drawing (still lives etc) (gotta go back to the basics)
  • environments & objects and stuff

stuff that I want to get better at but I’m already pre. decent at

  • graphic storytelling stuff
  • digital painting
  • IDK

things I’ve basically given up on

  • animals
  • fucking animals
  • who even knows



I want to get better but I don’t really know /how/ and it’s not magical or anything I just have to really work on it

god I wish my art supplies weren’t outside in the bike shed :))))

god I wish I had a desk :)))))))