stop calling things/people your spirit animal because it’s a really gross and shitty thing to say

I will never apologize for calling Randy Marsh my spirit animal. 

you really should because it’s a term that really erases and twists the beliefs of many Native American people. here is a list of words that you can use instead.


You shouldn’t use “patron saint” instead because that erases and twists the beliefs of the Northern Irish Catholics who were persecuted for their religion.

(See how stupid and fascist this line of thinking is and how it shows a complete unawareness for the fluidity of language and elects to deny the impact of globalization?)

fuck you, I’m not a fascist

also: the religious struggles in Ireland are NOT the same as the struggles of indigenous peoples in the united states

and. christianity in general has saints and patron saints, not just catholics. and lbr here. christians do not face systematic inequalities and loss of their way of life for their beliefs.

these two issues are not the same. sorry. do not pass go. do not collect $200.