Well, I have trouble watching action movies.

It’s not like I don’t like exciting battle sequences. It’s just that in those movies, most of the scenes feature random people falling victim to what happens.

That’s not even a problem, either. If those events were real, that kind of stuff would happen. It would be crazy to pretend they wouldn’t.

But the people watching the movie don’t ever spare a second thought for all of those anonymous extras who die. Instead, they are extremely affected by the deaths of the main characters.

To me, the main character dying and the poor people who die on the side of the road are the same. They’re all people who are living and thinking in a fictional world. There shouldn’t be any difference between them. But as long as the hero survives and laughs with the girl, it’s a happy ending. And if the hero dies, it’s a sad ending.

I don’t understand how that works.

To me, if anyone, any single person in the movie, dies, it’s a sad ending. The only difference between those sad endings is if the fictional hero ends the movie feeling pain for the fictional masses who die. But that hardly ever happens.

Why do the hero-style main characters always end the movie smiling and laughing? Why does the audience think it’s a happy ending?

Yosuke Kirie (Bokurano, Mohiro Kitoh)