Letters between Barbara Morgan and Wang Yaping

Wang Yaping was the first Chinese teacher on orbit, Barbara Morgan the first American teacher. To celebrate Yaping’s achievement, Morgan sent her a letter:

Dear Wang Yaping,

On Behalf of teachers and students around the world, I send you greetings of honor and love as you orbit our Earth and prepare to teach your lessons from space. We are proud of you. We wish you and your crewmates safety and success. You will be very busy up there, but please remember to take time to look out the window. China and all of this world are beautiful.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Morgan

In reply Wang Yaping answered:

Dear Ms Barbara Morgan:

My colleagues and I are delighted to receive your letter so far from Earth. Thank you for your care and good wishes for us. We also want to extend to you our admiration and respect for what you have done for manned space programs and for education as well. Today, we successfully delivered a lecture to millions of Chinese students, sharing with them the majesty and beauty of outer space, and the joy of learning new things. I hope you and all of the teachers and students elsewhere on Earth enjoyed the lecture. During our ongoing flight, I have frequently gazed upon our beautiful home Earth through the window of our space module. Space is where mankind places its most fantastic dreams while knowledge is the ladder to a better understanding of what exists beyond our Earth. We would like to join the efforts, as you have done, to bring science-loving youth around the world closer to their dreams of exploring the universe.

Wang Yaping Chinese astronaut
From Tiangong-1 June 20, 2013.

source: Xinhuanet