Y O S B ’ S  G I V E A W A Y P A R T II


part 2 of a long over-due giveaway for my les mis (and/or porn) followers!!! thanks so much you guys!!!!

featuring: marius pontmercy, barricade boy eponine, cosette, montparnasse (replica costuming), deadjolras, and mustached national guard babe hadley fraser

☇☇☇☇psst you can buy them here

 rules and stuff ❢

  • this is for my followers yo but khalasar membership is open to all
  • only reblogs count woohoo
  • idc how many times you reblog this just exercise tumblr etiquette and dont spam your dash
  • keep your inboxes open yall or check my blog on the date idk u get it we cool
  • ill use a random number generator 
  • i will ship international!
  • winner will be announced on sunday, june 23rd